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Paul D.

Copper City, Florida | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Outstanding service and attention to detail, I’m extremely pleased with the service I received.

Kenneth B.

Anna, TX | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

I was some what apprehensive at the thought of doing a loan over the phone. Well this was the easiest and the quickest to close escrow for a home refinance loan., that I have ever done. Nikolas and his associates were extremely professional, patiently explained all of my questions. This is the best loan experience that I have ever done. I would totally recommend Strive Lending.

Ronald F.

Berthoud, CO | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Very good! Anthony is the greatest . He kept us well informed throughout the whole process and was very thankful for my service.

Paul M.

Cooper City, FL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Anthony took care of everything as promised and guided me throughout the entire process. I’m very please with the outcome.

John P.

West Palm Beach, FL | Loan Type: VA Cash-Out Refinance

Anthony Raineri was very professional in handle everything in all aspect of my loan with knowledge, experience & in a timely manner with my VA Refinance Home Loan. He went over & above in the process and was available to me at anytime, even the weekends. I recommend him Very Highly & will continue to do business with him in the future !

Nancy C.

Winston, OR | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

We have worked with Anthony on two loans (refinancing). He has been great to work with. He made everything easily understood, kept us informed and processed our loans in an efficient and professional manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a Vets Loan.

Misty F.

Pflugerville, TX | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

This was the easiest refinance I have ever done Anthony was extremely skilled and proficient! He made this whole process exactly what it should be streamlined!! Any future refinances will always go through Anthony! Thank you!

Warner and Dorothy S.

Glendale, AZ | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

This is our second refinance with Anthony who made the process easy both times. He is very knowledgeable and an awesome and cheerful person who does what he tells you he is going to do. He provided all of his phone numbers and email addresses and told us to contact him anytime (which we have) we had a question or just wanted to talk to him about the process. He was always willing and eager to answer our questions. We really appreciate the time and effort that Anthony put into getting the entire process completed.

George R.

Brighton, CO | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

I have had several mortgages and re-fi’s through the years. And I understand that obtaining any mortgage product is becoming more and more regulated and complex. However, Anthony made it so much easier than I have ever experienced, kept us completely informed, and was always there to answer questions or to give status updates. I have experienced that to the extent that Anthony provided for us before. Thank you so much, Anthony!

Michael K.

Ventura, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for helping me get this new loan.  Hopefully you can use this email to show your boss or anyone it may concern in the future of how appreciative I am for the work you did for me.  

At the beginning when you first contacted me, I had no interest in refinancing because I had just finished a refi with another company where they put me in a really high interest rate and told me I wasn’t allowed to refi for at least 6 months.

After speaking with you for a few minutes, you put me at ease ensuring me that as a veteran, I can’t be locked into a high rate, if there were lower rates available to me. I was very skeptical at first and wanted you to double verify and then even triple verify that it was OK for me to refi out of a high rate only one month after getting into it.  You remained confident and continued to ensure me that everything was legit and that I had every right to get out of my high rate.  You put me at ease by referring me to your company website so I could see your picture and know that you weren’t trying to scam me.  

We closed this loan in record timing and you lowered my rate from 4.7% to 3.25%.  I didn’t have to pay for anything, and now I’m saving 300 a month!! This process was streamline and I barely had to do anything at all. You made everything super easy for me without any pressure.

Your communication was on point, you were not over bearing and always treated me with great customer service.  I really appreciated the fact that you were open to text messaging and assured me that contacting you at anytime was OK.  You also texted me every Monday and Friday for updates on progress.  You followed up every text message with, “please call me anytime with any questions you might have.”  I hate talking on the phone unless its necessary, so having the ability to shoot you a text message when ever needed was really great!! 

You are very knowledgeable and very friendly.  I never once felt uncomfortable and never felt like I was being pushed or pressured into anything.  

I will certainly save your phone number and if rates get lower, or I decide to cash out or sell, you will be the first person I text (haha).

Thanks again so very much for your attention to detail, friendly service, and most importantly, getting me a GREAT loan at NO cost to me!!!

I will be glad to refer you and your company to my huge network of fellow veterans, especially those that already own homes!

Aileen and Daniel W.

Kent, OR | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

I had never heard of Strive Lending before but I received a card in the mail and I was compelled to call and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Alan Koszyk worked so hard for us. He even contacted me on weekends to keep me informed and up to date! He was/is kind, understanding, respectful, patient, informative and truly cares about us as people. He made the whole transaction seamless and stress free! I recommend Strive Lending to everyone that wants to save money, have a low interest and do it stress free! Thank u Alan Koszyk! And thank u Strive Lending for hiring such a great person to represent u! 👏🏾👍🏾👊🏾🙋🏾

Mark P.

Bay Minette, AL | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Best home financing experience ever. Telling all my military friends.

Mitchell R.

Snohomish, WA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Alan provided phenomenal customer service. Always communicating and 100% available. Knowledgeable with excellent followup.

Tim G.

Bonita, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

From start to finish the entire loan process was flawless. Everything went as described. Straightforward and efficient is how I would describe the process. Highly recommend Strive Lending for all of your mortgage needs.

Stephen F.

Thornton, CO | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Thank you Ryan. Your team has been very helpful getting this done. The closing went very well. You have been the best I’ve ever work with. I will recommend Strive Lending to anyone I meet that needs help with a loan. once again thank you so much.     

Kenneth D.

Austin, TX | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Nik was very helpful and promptly responded to any questions.

Kenneth T.

Seminole, FL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

A great team of professionals who helped us through the refinance process. A great rate for Veterans and we appreciate the way they kept communications up to date.

Jeffery B.

Madison, AL | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

The team of David Byun and Brandon Brian and the rest of the team members where of great assistant in help me get the lowest rate available possible . They are true professional at what they do and really take pride in help service members get the best rate that’s out there. This team goes well above the normal job of customer service and we’ll always strive to be there for you .I know that I will always contact them for my home loans needs.To The Best Out There
Thanks Have a Blessed Day

Christopher W.

Lake Elsinore, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Ryan was a great communicator keeping me informed at all stages of the streamline. It was a pleasure talking with him over the phone, he was kind, personable and professional.

Kurt V.

Tacoma, WA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Kevin was very professional friendly and helpful getting my loan through quickly. He was always happy to help me with any questions that I had and got back to me quickly. Very professional the best loan officer I ever had. I have had other loan officers before and they didn’t seem to care as much as Kevin. Thanks you for caring for the veterans

Timothy F.

Windsor, CO | Loan Type: VA Cash-Out Refinance

What can I say about Donald Pope? He is terrific. I was just about to pull the plug on this whole procedure. Donald stepped in and saved the loan, not only for Strive Lending; but for us also.

He was our loan office back in March, and the same type of outstanding service. He knows how to deal/talk with the customer. He follows up every step of the way. What he says he will do, he does.

You need many more loan officers like Don Pope.


Timothy Flaig,


Oak Hills, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Todd has been a godsend. He has saved me hundreds of dollars on my mortgage payments.

Rob C.

Wolf Creek | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Easy to work with and kept me informed through the entire process, e en when things were a bit hazy

Jeanne B.

Aurora, CO | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

This was my second refinance and Tony made the process so much easier than the first time. I really appreciate the time and effort changed to getting this done.

Michael D.

Birmingham, AL. | Loan Type: VA Cash-Out Refinance

This was about as smooth a mortgage process as is possible. From start to finish was less than one month.
Jason followed through on everything that he told me. There were no false promises or exaggerations. I highly recommend Strive Lending.

James P.

Jacksonville, FL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

The most professional people I have ever worked with in the mortgage business. Would highly recommend them to anyone wanting excellent service. Thank you!

Robert A.

California | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Andrew was very pleasant to work with on our loan. If we didn’t understand something, he took the time to explain. Andrew was always available and/or returned our call in a timely manner.

Mark C.

Pine Grove, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Really great service and nice, friendly people to work with. A special thanks to Andrew Schoessel for all his help

William H.

Johns Island, SC | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Strive Lending is a fantastic company to work with. I’ve actually done TWO Streamline Refinances with them now! About a month after I refinanced into the lowest rate I’d ever heard of on a 30 year fixed with no points, they gave me a call letting me know that the rates had dropped and offered an EVEN LOWER rate. Frankly, I felt like the offers were too good to be true and studied over every estimate I got, but they were true to they’re word and even beat their initial estimates. Both of them went very smoothly. If there was something that didn’t make sense (and I’m a stickler) I knew that I could call Dave Byun directly (sometimes pretty late) and that he would get me an answer ASAP. Hands down lowest rates, lowest fees and the best lending team working for you to get the best loan for you. At a time where VA refinance offers are bombarding your mailbox by the dozen with super high fees, this is one company you can trust to treat you the best and get you the best deal possible. I have recommended them to my fellow veteran friends and highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a VA Home Loan of any kind.

Wayne H.

Camden | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Nik was very courteous and helpful in any information I needed to know…He always responded back very quickly when I left messages on his phone. I appreciate it. Thank you for your professionalism..


Vernon, NJ | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Words could never fully express how simply AMAZING Don Pope has been from the first day that I spoke to him about my VA Streamline Refinance. I don’t even know where to begin in speaking about this man; whom loves what he does; cares deeply for the Veterans he is helping; and just simply exudes positivity!!!!! Don communicated with me twice a week through this process and never left me in the dark about anything and this was so very much appreciated!! He was always available by phone and/or email to answer any question that I might have and this again was so comforting to know!!! My only regret is that I did not find Don Pope and Strive Lending until this streamline refinance; I so wish I had known of Don and used him during my initial VA Mortgage. Don Pope is an irreplaceable asset to Strive Lending and I am a forever customer of Strive Lending because of Don!!!! Anyone looking to obtain a VA Mortgage and/or VA Streamline Refinance; put your trust in Don Pope; you will be soooo pleased you did!!! Don you are simply the BEST and THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU for everything!!!!!!



Rodney K

Goodlettsville Tn | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Todd was great. Always at my disposal to answer any question that I may of had.

Mark H.

AZ | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Great working with such a knowledgeable group of people who ensured all went smoothly.

James P.

Jacksonville FL | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Great Service and really caring about the customer with every call! Thank you !


Sahuarita, AZ | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Superb service with daily updates. Never had to inquire what is happening or how is it going. They work with you to understand the procedure and/or process of your loan. Great amount of information shared.

Definite would recommend.

Michael C.

Wesley Chapel Florida | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Jason made the entire very easy unlike going for a regular re-finance they know how to take care of Veteran’s. Most everything was done electronically except the final closing. Any questions I had Jason was fast to respond and kept me up to date during the process. Look forward to doing business with them again in the future. Great Job Jason


Campo, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Nik is the best! He was so helpful and always had an answer or researched and got the answer to all our questions. He is our “new and forever” loan officer. Thanks Nic and everyone involved in our refinance!

Mark S

Lakeside, AZ | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

This was so easy. Anthony kept me informed the whole way and made the process so simple!!

Candace S

San Tan Valley Az | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Donald has really gone the extra mile for me. My husband has been very ill, and he went above and beyond on my VA loan. We faced a few hurdles, and he is still helping me anyway he can. It is nice to work with someone who really cares about their customers.

Ryszard Z

Louisville, CO | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

I find Strive Lending and its officials attentive to my needs. At every step they where on the phone or email to let me know where we were with process. As the changes in the economy happened and the interest rates dropped they were on the phone to let me know that they have begun the paperwork for the lower rate!! I fully recommend Strive Lending to all military and non-military personnel!

John F.

Ramona, California | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Anthony was helpful throughout the whole process. He knows the VA loan program system well and found the best solution for me. I am pleased with the service he has provided me.

Terry C.

Pinole, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Anthony is an excellent communicator. He kept me informed during every phase of the refinance and always made sure I understood the “next steps”. When there was no update he simply called to wish me a great day. The refi process was extremely painless and was much quicker than I had imagined. I cannot say enough good things about Anthony and the entire Strive Lending team. They truly care about veterans and fight to get us the best rate available.

Thank you Anthony, I salute you!

Calvin G.

Spring,TX | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Anthony answered every question we had in a very professional manner and very quickly. Even after we closed he still answered questions we had, great customer service!

Lawrence R.

Eastvale, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Strive Lending provided a very pleasant experience transitioning to a new rate. Communication was timely and relevant, a truly painless experience. I would gladly recommend Strive to other homeowners.


Hacienda Heights, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

When I received your mailer I was skeptical. I called and liked what I heard so I applied for the refi. I was very satisfied with loan officer Andrew Schoessel. He said it would take 3-4 weeks for it to be done and it was. Very simple and easy. It was a pleasure to work with Andrew and I was glad I contacted Strive lending.

Jeanne B.

Aurora, Colorado | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Everything I was told happened the way you said it would. It was fast, easy, and on time as promised. Anthony was awesome…friendly, truthful, efficient, knowledgeable, and very sweet. The process went
extremely smooth. Would highly recommend and support your company to other veterans seeking the same

Jerry L.

Jonesborough, TN | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Dealing with Mr Raineri was totally friendly and upmost professional. He was very straightforward
and answered every questions I had and if he didn’t know the answer he said he would immediately get it for me. He’s a very pleasant people person to talk with. I felt very secured working with Mr Raineri. His ethic and professionalism is totally outstanding. Thanks Anthony!

Jeffrey F.

Fountain Hills, AZ | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Strive VA absolutely was wonderful. Anthony Raineri was exceptional and always available to answer questions as he strategically processed my refinance loan. I wouldn’t need to go anywhere else. Thank you.

William M.

Apple Valley, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

This was a very pleasant and stress free transaction. I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall and the call to perform a load of tasks at the last minute without any time to do an adequate job. It didn’t happen. Everything was handled by Strive’s office and personnel to my complete satisfaction. I’ve waited writing this review to insure nothing was going to happen after closing the loan. Nothing happened and we are set up with the new lender and the payments are to the penny of what they were supposed to be. We are very happy.

Ronald H.

Portland, TN | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

From the first phone call to the closing it has been a pleasure. Always just a phone call away to answer questions. I would recommend them to anyone and if the need ever arises I will use them again.

Steve A.

Grand Prairie, Tx | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

This whole experience was quick and easy! Anthony was very forthcoming and upfront with everything and delivered exceptional customer service. On top of that his communication with me throughout the process keeping me up to date was awesome! I am so glad I those this group to refinance, and would recommend to anyone!

Jeffrey C.

AURORA,CO. | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

I could not have asked for or got a better helper, agent, or person with the LOVE, PATIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING that I got with Anthony. God Bless Him and Family. 

Mark C.

Pine Grove California | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Easy process because everyone was so helpful. Andrew walked me through anything that I needed help with. I would recommend Strive as a good first choice. Thanks


Bakersfield, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Anthony was very clear and correct in his statements. He handled the whole process seamlessly.

Alan T.

The Villages, FL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

You have made the process of refinancing homes so much easier. Using the online system to sign documents and forward information is the latest in streamlining this process. No more going to offices across town, no more inconvenient gathering and sorting through your documents to provide information. Just scan or forward online. So much easier to close with the closing agent coming to you. How convenient and simple. My previous closing was so time consuming, looking for a time to put on your calendar, changes to dates because of inaccurate or missing documents. And when they ask you to FAX something! Well we all have one of those, RIGHT?

This was by far the simplest closing I have ever done.

Nancy C.

Winston, OR | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Our Loan Officer, Tony, did a fantastic job of keeping us informed on a regular basis with emails and telephone calls. The refinance process went very quickly and Tony did great at making this a very easy process. It was done efficiently and quickly.
Thank you Tony.

Terrell N.

California | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

I have completed 5-7 refinances in my lifetime and I must say this has been the easiest one. The most important part is that David was honest from day one and did not provide any false promises. In a process such as this one you can appreciate his straight forward attitude. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Gerardo R.

Fresno, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Any kind of refinance takes a lot of work but with Don Pope, it seems pretty easy. He was constantly making sure everything was in order. Even after knowing that the refinance was closed, he continued calling and availing himself to help in any way. It was a real pleasure working with Don.

Mumtaz A.

Union City, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

What a service from Don!!!!
It was a pleasure to work with Don who was very informative, constantly stayed in touch and provide top of the line service.

Michael W.

Pleasant Hill, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Don is the consummate professional. He is consistent with his follow through and patient in explaining the refi process, things I needed to do, and follow ups on progress and the loan status. I felt like I was his team member through the whole process. I appreciated that he would follow up with me regularly for documents that needed signing, documents that I needed to provide, and just about everything else that made my refi a stunning success! In less than 30 days, I saved 72k over the life of the loan, reduced my payment by about $200.00 through an interest rate that is over a half point lower! I received so many letters and advertisements on this type of loan from the shady ‘official looking’ letter to the ‘over-promised, lowest rate’ type. Don provided great insight on this and secured a great loan and great rate for me. He’s earned my trust and reference. A perfect 10 out of 10 experience!

Gilberto F.

Riverside, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

I want to give Don Pope and Strive Lending an A+ rating for helping me do a VA refinance on my home. Mr. Pope was honest, professional and very understanding on my refinance process. Everything he told me was true and to the point. This made the process transparent and quick. As a military Veterans I would recommend Strive Lending for financing or re-financing a home. Thank you Don, and Strive Lending. You saved my family several hundred dollars a month, and I sincerely appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

Sara H.

Montgomery,IL | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Don was great!!! Kept me informed weekly always had the answers to my questions! Great experience, wish we would of refi’d sooner!!!

Erika C.

Coral Springs, Fl | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Anthony Raineri was absolutely amazing with the entire process. It was effortlessly from beginning to end.

Rosalie L.

Oswego, IL | Loan Type: VA Cash-Out Refinance

Todd has been extremely helpful the entire time; always ready t o answer questions even if they were asked before. He is very pleasant, and willing to do whatever he can for us. I am very glad we found TODD and have been able to use him as our Loan Officer during our VA Refinance. He’s a real gem!

Erwin N.

Cordova, LA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Working with Anthony on my streamline refinance was rewarding and hassle-free. Everything worked from beginning to end. I will recommend others to finance with Strive Lending.

Michael B.

Franklin, TN | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Awesome people. Answered all my question and the refinance went very fast.

Mike W.

Temecula, Ca | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Awesome. Don kept me informed and the entire process was fairly painless. Strive Lending has my 100% recommendation.

Joyce & Larry B.

Union City, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Thank you! We’ve refinanced many time but NEVER have experienced the service and full meant of promises as we did with you. Because of you, we are in a very good place. ?

Robert M.

Ridgecrest, CA | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

I have owned 8 homes in my lifetime and probably refinanced each one 2 times. My experience with your company was the best I ever had. Don Pope was instrumental in getting this done in the quickest time ever. He is a true professional. I will recommend you in the future to anyone that is refinancing. Thanks Don!!

Tim F.

Windsor, CO | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

This was the easiest refinance we have ever done. Don Pope was excellent. He walked us through every step of the process. If we ever need another home loan, we will surely use your company. Tim Flaig

Jeffery B.

Madison, AL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

David was very helpful in every aspect of the loan process. I appreciated working with him especially during this rough time in my life. I just had loss my wife of 19 years and he walked me through every step. I will always be thankful for everyone’s help. You have help me out in a time of need. GOD Bless.

Robert C.

San Diego, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

We just closed a VA refinance loan with Strive Lending at a great interest rate. I must say that this loan did not require mountains of forms and paperwork and was relatively effortless on our part. Strive did a good job in getting it done in 3 weeks and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a new loan.

James P.

Jacksonville, FL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Great personal service. All my questions were answered and I was always updated on the status of my loan. Thank you very much!

Gina N.

Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Great service – Above average loan officer (I’m not a novice in this refinance). Unlike others who have solicited my business in getting a refi, everything Anthony said happened just as he said. No problems throughout this process.

Timo J.

Colorado Springs, CO | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Strive was very helpful and worked for me to get me the best possible rate for the loan which worked best for our family. Thanks again.

Steve and Jo C.

Palm Coast, Florida | Loan Type: VA Streamline Refinance

Todd provided us with excellent customer service. He was particularly patient with all of our questions regarding the VA refinancing process. We were able to reduce our principal loan amount, lower our payment, and we didn’t have to pay a dime at closing. Amazing! You’d think it was too good to be true —- well, this company is for real and they are true blue and all in to help veterans. God bless Strive Lending for all they do to help veterans and their families.

Frank S.

Antioch, IL | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Entire procedure was smooth and effortless. Todd Nicholson is a gem, always ready, even on weekends, with answers to my questions, even managed to laugh at my weak jokes. He is a terrific asset to your company.

Juan R.

Arvada, CO | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

I had almost given up hope of every owning my home until my realtor told me to call Strive Lending. They did everything they said they would do and helped me become a homeowner. Thank you!

Brandon O.

Santa Maria, CA | Loan Type: VA Purchase Loan

Strive was wonderful to work with. Closing happened exactly when they said. Truly good experience.

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